Port Phillip Calamari


September to April


Times will change as days lengthen and shorten to ensure we are on the water at the best possible times.


Port Phillip Bay presents the perfect arena to chase the magnificent Southern Calamari, the finest eating cephlapod around. Not only will you enjoy the spoils of your charter, you will have a ball blasting ink all over your mates as we drift and cast with artificial and bait jigs.


Single Bookings – $130.00 per angler (set dates apply)
Boat (Group) Booking – $780.00 Max 6 anglers, $130.00 for additional anglers

Check out our Combined Whiting and Calamari Charters
Single Bookings
– $140.00 per angler
Boat (Group) Bookings – $840.00 Max 6 anglers, $140.00 for additional anglers

Click Here to Learn about Calamari Size and Possession Limits
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